Private Rehabilitation Centre at Retreat South

Retreat South is a private rehabilitation retreat located in picturesque South West of Victoria.

We help individuals facing all kinds of issues find the strength and grounding they need to make a change for the better. We work with you to treat addictions and mental health conditions in various stages and manifestations.

We provide support for recovery from ice addiction, executive stress, bullying, relationship breakdowns, trauma recovery and chronic ailments. And we have a proven track record in lasting ice, drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

Stress Reduction

The Retreat South approach to executive stress.


Trauma Recovery

Major life events can have a lasting impact on our health.


Addiction Recovery

Effective addiction recovery, ice and detoxification programs.


Illness Recovery

Illness & post hospital recovery at Retreat South health retreat.


Why Retreat South

Many of the challenges we face in life are like icebergs.

  • Addiction and mental health issues; stress, executive stress and burn out; depression and anxiety; relationship breakdowns – all are symptoms of a deeper unhappiness.
  • Diminished resilience can make all kinds of life pressures become deeply affective events.
  • Childhood abuse, the death of a loved one, redundancy, unhealthy family relationships and divorce- Whatever the case, these kinds of losses take a toll on our well being.
  • If your foundation has been rocky for a while, adding extra life pressures and major events can create all kinds of problems.

That’s where Retreat South comes in.

Our trained staff and individually tailored programs work on all aspects of your mental health and well being. We work with you to identify the issues that trigger stress and unwanted behaviours. And we work with you to build an action plan based on meeting your daily challenges in a positive and effective way.

No more papering over cracks and making do. No more hoping that what works for someone else will help you, too.


Coming to Retreat South was the best thing I have done. I learnt how to deal with the stress created by my illness and how to say “I can’t do that” without feeling guilty. I know now that I can still have a great life, just by doing things differently. I think that’s the best thing I learnt.

C W, Hawthorn, Vic

So why not give is a call for a confidential chat about what Retreat South can do for you?

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