Taking time out for your wellbeing

Perhaps you saw it in a news thread. The woman who messaged her workplace to say that she was taking a couple of days of to focus on her mental wellbeing? It would be surprising if you didn’t hear about it because her message, and more importantly, her boss’s response went viral. “I’m taking today and tomorrow to focus on my … Read More

Effective treatment does not end with detox

The number of Australians seeking help for amphetamine addiction is on the rise. Amphetamine use has already become one of the major mental health problems but it is a problem that is increasing rather than decreasing. A new report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) released last week revealed about 134,000 Australians had received drug treatment in … Read More

Rehab – Making addiction recovery work for you

Addiction is something that can be part of a complex set of issues. ‘Rehab’ or recovery from something so complex takes time. Many people have looked back on their recovery treatments and found that a major difficulty was recovery that rehabilitation program sometimes last less than two weeks. Recovery from addiction can be a difficult thing. Many people need to … Read More

Understanding men’s mental health issues

Mental health is one of the major health issues for men nowadays. One of the best ways to get a conversation stated about a difficult subject is to open it up with a community awareness campaign. Some of the best community awareness has been achieved through a week where the media and specialists have engaged with the wider community to … Read More

Exercise is good for mental health

Just as diet can have an important effect on mental health, so can exercise. Decades ago it was understood that exercise and physical activity are associated with better results in health treatment. The benefits of exercise began to be known to imporove mental health as well. In fact, some experts claim exercise is as effective as medication and convention psychological therapy in treating … Read More

A good diet improves mental health

The importance of diet and the link between the right types of food land our mental health is becoming a big concern. What we eat has always been an important factor in our general health but what we eat is just as important to our mental health. Food and mental health has been under the spotlight since evidence emerged two … Read More

Understanding mental health

Looking after your own mental health is as important as seeking treatment when you know you have mental health problems. One of the ways to look after yourself is to know what’s what about keeping your mind as well as your body. Two years ago, University of Melbourne researchers quizzed 16,000 people via the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and uncovered an … Read More

Nutrition to help your recovery

The last of the Summer flowers are are blooming around the gardens at Retreat South. We have a variety of gardens and plants however, and have some that flower in the colder months. But, Autumn and then Winter are on the way. You can see the birch trees in the picture, their leaves turning gold. With the colder months approaching … Read More

Take action over trauma and PTSD

Trauma and PTSD treatment for Australian Defence Services was given a boost this week. There was great news in Australia’s Federal Budget for 2017. The government has allocated 350 million dollars toward mental health care and suicide prevention for the armed forces and defence veterans. A multi-million-dollar injection of funds like this has not been done in decades. The funding … Read More

Pets and your mental health

Pets can have a great benefit on our mental health. Previous generations encouraged pet ownership for their children. They believed pets helped children learn responsibility, empathy and care and duty. It worked two ways as well. With an animal’s instinctive ability to sense and return care and support, they provide companionship and one of the greatest examples unconditional love towards their owners. … Read More