Choosing a retreat to advance wellness

Why choose a mental health retreat?  When we thing of ‘retreat’ we think of ‘beating the retreat’ and giving up. But coming to a retreat like Retreat South is far from giving up. It is actually going forward. When we think of a specialist mental health treatment like you would find here, the first thing most people think is that … Read More

Have that conversation about mental health

England’s Prince Harry has began an important conversation about the stigma surrounding mental health problems and seeking help for them. The Prince went public about his own mental health issues in dealing with the death of his mother Princess Diana. And royalty continued that conversation only a few days later when his brother, prince William, talked with pop music royalty … Read More

Teaching teachers about stress and burnout

Workplace stress and burnout among teachers and school principals is on the rise. The year is nearly half-over and Winter is closing in. This is the season when workplace blues can really get too us. But job and workplace burnout is a very real and special type of work related stress. It undermines emotional as well as physical health. Burnout … Read More

Help say goodbye to bipolar disorder

World Bipolar Day (WBD) takes place on March 30, 2017. In recent years a day has been set aside to draw attention to a health or mental health condition and to raise awareness. The reason why 30 March was decided for the WBD was because that was the day, in 1853, when the painter Vincent van Gogh was born. Now considered … Read More

Gardens and natural settings for your recovery

When you are thinking about private residential mental treatment, think about one with gardens and open spaces and how they benefit your recovery. When we have mental health problems one of the worst aspects is trying to deal with them along with our job and other daily routines. Sometimes that routine causes us to neglect our health but, for a … Read More

Avoiding relapse in anorexia and eating disorder recovery

Anorexia and other eating disorders have been under discussion in the media lately. Across the USA last week National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (24 Feb-4 March) put this mental health condition in the spotlight. Treatments for eating disorders have come a long way in the last decades and research into eating disorders is helping the understanding of its complicated conditions. … Read More

You can take control of trauma

Summer can be a great time. The hot, dry weather is great for some many of our favourite activities. Unfortunately, Summer brings the bushfire season and with it the anxiety and trauma that natural disasters bring. The expansion out of Australian cities has meant bigger populations in outer metropolitan and country areas where there is still plenty of bushland. So … Read More

Ensuring you get enough treatment for better recovery

We are now nearly two decades into the 21st century and in that time there have been some major changes to to mental health treatment in Australia. The reduction of stigma surrounding mental health or seeking treatment for a mental condition has decreased. The result is that more people are open about mental health problems and comfortable with seeking treatment … Read More

Healthy diet helping healthy recovery

We know that a healthy diet has benefits for our physical health. It is not that well known that eating well has benefits for our mental health too. That is slowly changing and the understanding of the links between what we eat and our mental health are becoming better known and research. In fact some new research here in Australia has … Read More

Treatments for your mind and body: Yoga and meditation

In an earlier post we discussed how physical well-being is as important as our mental well-being. At Retreat South we include yoga, relaxation and meditation as part of our treatment plans. We were inspired by a recent news story about and 86 year-old  who teaches yoga at a mental health unit in Queensland, Australia. “I see them walking out of … Read More