Travelling for your mental health: your journey to wellness

Travelling is a great thing to do and it can be good for wellness as well as adventure. Travel is good for the spirit For many of us now, travel is an activity that brings pleasure, stimulation activity and broadens our horizons. Travelling is also something we do to refresh our minds, bodies and spirits. Taking off to another country … Read More

Therapy that works for you: Yoga and Meditation

People who prcatice yoga and meditation have a saying  “inhale the future, exhale the past.” At Retreat South we offer specialised programmes for individual treatment. Each programme is put together for your stay witn us. We discuss the possibilities and aims you you want in coming for treatment and offer a range therapies which are delivered by expert practitioners.   CUSTOM … Read More

EAGALA – horse power to improve your mental health

Because at Retreat South we create a treatment programme with you we have a range of therapists and therapies. In this day and age treatments go beyond that talk based therapies – which is a great therapy and has a long record of success – to treatment approaches like EAGALA, which has also proven to be beneficial around the world. … Read More

Therapy that works for you: Art Therapy

The American artist Georgia O’Keefe summed up the power of art therapy when she said  “I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.” At Retreat South we offer specialised, tailor-made programmes for individual treatment. We offer a range therapies which are delivered by expert practitioners. At Retreat South … Read More

Getting help for trauma and post traumatic stress

At Retreat South we offer specialised, tailor-made programmes for individual treatment. We offer a range treatment programmes for a number of mental health problems designed to suit each person who visits. Although we can offer a variety of treatments for a variety of problems, one of our main areas of focus is on trauma treatment. Trauma and post traumatic stress … Read More

Getting away from it all and getting well

We all would like to ‘get away from it’ at sometime or other. Getting away from it all has long been used to describe leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life to find peace. Getting away from it all really can have a benefit, particularly when dealing with mental health issues. The single act of finding somewhere away from … Read More

Talking about our mental health

It’s hard to talk about our mental health. Particularly if we are having mental health problems. For people experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems it can be tough time. Talking about how you might feel under those circumstances can be difficult. Keeping it to yourself isn’t very helpful and not talking can also make us feel even worse. … Read More

Understanding that mental health treatment works

“Depression will steal your life.” Those blunt and true words are from music legend Bruce Springsteen’s recently published autobiography Born to Run. In it he writes of the benefit of finding mental health treatment. Springsteen, like so many others, was affected by mental health problems throughout his life. Talking about depression, he wrote “you’re under its sway” and described it as taking … Read More

Spring and changes to our mental health

It’s Spring and the gardens at Retreat South are looking great! Spring is a great time when we can shake off the Winter blues and get active in the warmer weather. Most people think that Winter is the season that effects our mood and mental health. With some people it is different and they can be troubled by seasonal changes. … Read More

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, the important day of focus during Mental Health Week. Over the last thirty years events like Mental Health Week have done great work in raising the awareness of mental health care and mental health issues. These events and campaigns have raised important issues about mental health and helped to Change some wrong and negative perceptions … Read More