Small Business Owners and Mental Health

Being a small business owner can be stressful. Call it ‘executive stress’ but that stress can be anxiety and even depression and not be as easy to overcome as your other business problems. Starting and running your own business can be a great opportunity letting you work at something you love but it also means long hours, financial stress and … Read More

“Something in nature that heals the mind”

Retreat South is set in a natural landscape with gardens and flowers. Natural settings have a positive effect in times of stress. A teacher in England found his garden was helpful while recovering from a breakdown. “My garden has been my sanctuary,” he wrote in The Guardian. Therapy and medication were important in his recovery but he said there was “definitely … Read More

Addiction and Brain Function

A new study in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that addiction changes the way our brain functions. Studying the prevention and treatment of addiction and public policy, the researchers agree that addiction is like a disease and not, as is often thought, something a person does voluntarily. The study divides addiction into three stages which affect the brain. … Read More

Opening the door on important conversations

Retreat South helps their clients with important conversations

Mental health, addiction, illness recovery and post hospital care are some of the core services offered by Retreat South. While the conversations around wellness are changing, stigma still stops people in need seeking help. As wellness practitioners, we want to break down the barriers to you seeking psychological support. That’s why we’ve taken out the time to restructure our website … Read More