Procrastination is putting off wellness

There should be no reason to put off doing something about procrastination. We all know the old saying “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Nearly everybody admits to procrastinating at some time or even a lot of the time. Sometimes procrastination can be the result of a mental health problem. Depression is sadly one of the … Read More

Depression and Anxiety

Mental health problems are not easy to fit into one of two categories. It certainly isn’t a case of making generalisations like ‘those that have them and and those that don’t. Some people think that depression and anxiety are two sperate categories. Each mental health problem can have different conditions for each person. And, sometimes there can be different symptoms from more … Read More

Treatment planning and therapy options

Therapy options are important part of treatment planning at Retreat South. A range of therapy options and treatments are available for you and tailored to suit your needs. This way we can provide the best fit to help you on the path to recovery. In addition to medical and psychological treatment, we draw from a wide variety of proven psychological … Read More

Relationships and well being

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” Those are the words of the Greek philosopher Epicurus. What he said thousands of years ago still applies to meaningful, supportive relationships and the positive effect they have on our well being. Experts say that long-term, high-quality relationships are … Read More

Stress and coping skills

Last week, nutrition and its part in well being was the topic. Nutrition certainly is an important factor in good mental health and well being but its part of the story. A healthy lifestyle, good diet and plenty of exercise is a part of a well being most of us know. For the best emotional well being we have to … Read More

Diet for good recovery and mental health

Addiction has a bad effect on both mind and body. Poor diet is often a factor when a person is addicted and during recovery good nutrition is a very important factor more losely linked to mental health than we might think. Drug and alcohol addiction is so strong, the craving for the addiction overtakes the craving for food. One of … Read More

Stigma and confidentiality

Stigma surrounding mental health is almost a big a problem as mental issues themselves. Every year, 4 out of 16 young Australians experience a mental health issue, but only one of those four will seek help. Stigma accounts for this extraordinary divide amongst young Australians seeking mental health care. The mental health promotion group headspace have launched a new campaign … Read More

Pets and our wellbeing

Pets are wonderful companions. But they can be more than that. There has been a great deal of research into the psychological and even physical well being pets and companion animals can bring. A study conducted here in Australia found that pet owners had lower blood pressure and even lower cholesterol risk than no pet owners. Another study found that … Read More

Is work addiction worse for our wellbeing?

Addiction is widespread problem in life today. It causes problems in our private lives and can affect our ability to work. It can even become the addiction itself. A recent study from Norway has shown that addiction to work can even bring about more mental health problems than just the addiction. Work addiction or ‘Workaholism’ is when we feel compelled … Read More

Beating those Winter Blues

It’s June and Winter is upon us here in Australia. Winter is a time when we run the risk of catching colds and other aliments, exercise and socialise less and even feel depressed. It is also a time when we can feel pretty low and even depressed. It might be harder in Winter to do some of things that make … Read More