Illness recovery & post hospital care at Retreat South health retreat

Whether you’re recovering from or learning to manage a serious illness or you require support and care after major surgery and treatment, Retreat South can help.

Retreat South understands the impact disease, accidents and overall diminished health can have on our lives. It can be extremely difficult for even the most supportive of families to aid in illness recovery. Let alone those among us who may be unable to draw on a network of people for assistance.

That’s why Retreat South offers post hospital care in our health retreat that is able to support you or your family member to recover in style.

What makes illness recovery and post hospital care special at Retreat South?

Here are just some of the reasons people choose Retreat South to rest, recuperate and restore during and post illness:

We’re adept at dealing with chronic illness and invisible disease

Learning to live with chronic pain and life impacting illnesses takes a certain level of sensitivity and support not often found in traditional care environments. From fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue, significant pain management and changes to lifestyle precipitated by illness, Retreat South can help. We give you the practical strategies to minimise the impact of disease and illness on your day-to-day life. And we provide the physical, emotional and spiritual support you need to not just cope, but to thrive.

Retreat South staff are trained professionals in a variety of fields

As with all of Retreat South’s programs, we don’t just treat the symptoms. We look at ways to build your resilience so that you can manage your recovery well. Our team includes psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, alternative healing, arts therapy, physical therapy and a wide variety of treatments. We work with you to find a program of diet, exercise, therapy and lifestyle changes to help you recover well. Our aim is to help you restore your health and maintain your health in the future.

We understand illness takes more than your health

The physical symptoms may come and go, but the sense of powerlessness and depression associated with major illnesses can take a significant toll. At Retreat South, we understand that life does not hit a reset button at diagnosis and/or recovery. And that it takes time to overcome the changes in life and trauma dealing with a major illness or accident can bring. That’s why we manage each chronic condition and health issue with emotional, psychological and real life challenges in mind.

Pain management does not begin and end with a script

Avoiding the overly medicalised approach to managing chronic illness and illness recovery is a speciality of Retreat South. Taking back your life can mean breaking up an unhealthy attachment with pain relief while still dealing with illness. It certainly means working on other aspects of wellness to ensure that medication does not become a crutch during the healing process. We can work with you to channel your energy into positive ways to help manage your recovery and chronic ailments. Using diet, exercise, therapy, creativity and more, we’ll help you build a strategy that works beyond the medicine cabinet.

Our health retreat is like no other

At Retreat South, we put the retreat in health retreat. Each of our accommodation units is individual, personal units that feature comfort, art and space. We’re situated in picturesque surroundings and the peace of the country and bird song to keep you company. You are welcome to bring a pet and belongings to help you feel at home. And you can take advantage of massage, art therapy and chef prepared meals based on your own nutrition and dietary requirements.

Whether you’re looking to manage a chronic illness better or you need a safe, welcoming place to facilitate illness recovery, Retreat South can help.
Contact us today for your confidential chat and let’s get you back to health together.