Looking for a private rehabilitation & addiction recovery retreat with a difference?

You need privately owned & operated Australian rehabilitation centre Retreat South.

Our aim at Retreat South is to foster resilience and help you break all kinds of cycles of unrewarding behaviour. Retreat South’s team of addiction recovery professionals are committed to helping you make a lasting change with your life. We work to discover the underlying triggers of your particular situation. From here, we create a customised treatment and recovery program to help you foster resilience and regain control of your life.

At Retreat South, you’re treated with respect. You are encouraged towards creating a strong, positive relationship with yourself. This foundation of self love and acceptance forms the basis for your treatment and recovery. We give you the tools and confidence you need to make positive steps, no matter your circumstance.

We’ve worked with all kinds of people to discover new ways to tackle:

  • Depression, anxiety and a wide variety of mental health issues
  • Over indulgence and addiction to alcohol, medications, drugs and ice
  • The impact of significant trauma and/or post traumatic stress disorders
  • All kinds of workplace stress including chronic overwork, burn out, constant feelings of being overwhelmed by your workload, and executive stress
  • Workplace bullying and the emotional aftermath of retrenchment and redundancy
  • The management of invisible, chronic and pain intensive disabilities

Whatever is creating a negative impact on your ability to enjoy your life, relationships and career, Retreat South can help.

How do we work with you?

Unlike other detoxification programs, Retreat South puts your treatment during and after your visit to us at the centre of everything we do.

Each aspect of your treatment and recovery is tailored to your particularly lifestyle and situation.
Our aim is to build your resilience by helping you to discover and nurture your strengths. And by giving you the tools to crawl out beneath the shadows of self doubt, negative self talk and general unhappiness.

At Retreat South, we recognise the role your life experience play in creating triggers and stressors. They also play host to the untapped solutions, too. What you’ve faced in your life is not the same as others.
That’s why we focus on a holistic approach with our treatments.

Our treatments include:

  • Examining the root causes of the challenges you face
  • Developing practical ways to respond as opposed to react to life’s challenges
  • Encouraging you to set boundaries and stay proactive about safeguarding your happiness and resilience
  • Mapping out practical strategies to help you minimise the impact of negative influences
  • Giving you the courage and fortitude within to face challenging situations in a positive way
  • Rebooting your habits to promote a healthy approach, emotional, physically and mentally, to everyday life
  • Helping you to disrupt the cycle of addiction and dependency on negative behaviours and replace them with positive outlets of expression

At Retreat South, you discover more than coping mechanisms or ways to isolate yourself from temptation and trouble.

We make a commitment to working with you to develop a treatment plan across your emotional, psychological and physical well being. The Retreat South Staff work with you in a sensitive and proactive manner.

We help you foster the skills you need to take what you learn with us into your real life. And we empower you so you can not only take control of the aspects of life that brought you to us, you can take control of your life, too.

It’s the little things that make big differences

At Retreat South, we want to make you feel welcome and as stress-free as possible. That’s why we go the extra mile with little things that make all the difference.

We prepare chef designed meals to your specific dietary requirements and tastes. We run integrative health courses that include Eastern medicine, art therapy and massage as standard. We provide a beautiful country setting for you to get some space from negative influences with the utmost of privacy assured.

And we offer pet friendly accommodation.
Our pet friendly accommodation is part of understanding the nature of the support you need. We know how much of a difference a special dog, cat or pet shaped friend can make in our lives. That’s why we accept your well trained, vaccinated and house broken pets within our accommodation. Want to know more? Check our FAQ for more details.

The Retreat South Philosophy

At Retreat South, we believe enduring change and improvement comes from addressing the ‘self’ in several forms. That’s why we provide the support experience, skill, recovery programs and surroundings to enable our clients to create the change they want. True wellness and recovery comes from a variety of different sources. Retreat South combines of psychology, exercise, diet and creative expression as part of our programs.

Under the direction of an experienced psychologist, Retreat South assembles a team of therapists to help you. From yoga to art therapy, counselling to exercise, hypnotherapy through to boundary setting, each therapy tailored to your needs. The result is a therapeutic stay that identifies your desired changes and results, and assists you to achieve them.

Let Retreat South help you rest, reflect and renew today. For more information and booking get in touch.