Share the load with Retreat South

Recovery from chronic illness, mental health issues, executive stress or any form of addiction is the job of a strong network.

As a successful addiction retreat and as a haven for restoring physical, mental and emotional health, Retreat South often works as a part of a greater picture. We believe the right support circles make all the difference to recovery.

And we recognise that removal from harmful triggers, environmental influences and/or problematic associations can greatly improve the chances of aiding that recovery process.

That’s why we are open to referrals from family members, partners and wellness professionals

The kind of clients we accept

Retreat South is known as a place for reflection and restoration. We are a safe place for all kinds of people who wish to take back control of their lives under many and varied conditions. Our focus is in creating a sustainable change and improved wellness now and into the future.

We treat based on looking at underlying causes and getting to the root of problems. And we aid all our clients to build better coping mechanisms and stronger relationships within themselves. We improve the relationship with the self so that the response to circumstances is better grounded and the interpersonal relationships are healthier and more productive.

You are welcome to call us on +61 3 5568 4155 to discuss your family member or referring client’s particulars to assess suitability.

The sorts of people we work with are seeking:

  • Addiction retreats to aid in drug, alcohol and sex addiction recovery
  • Mental health support including but not limited to anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Support with the management of chronic illness and life impacting conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and autism spectrum disorders
  • Recovery services post major medical procedures
  • Decompression from workplace related issues such as bullying, redundancy and retrenchment and executive stress
  • Access to trauma recovery and support for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) management

How the Retreat South referral process works

We accept Retreat South clients based on previous history, the desire for making change and the case put forward by the referring individual.

While we want to help as many people as possible break cycles with negative behaviour and restore them to a healthy and happy lifestyle, we also recognise that the drive for change needs to be found within the person who needs it the most.

When you refer a family member or patient to our program, we will take a look at their previous history, the treatments they have received in the past, and have a candid interview with you as the referee before proceeding. We of course will also speak to the individual in question as we believe respect, honesty and the feeling of safety are key pillars within recovery. We work with all our clients to build trust, foster an open flow of ideas and feelings and to work towards creating a happier, healthier and more resilient individual. This can only come through establishing a consensual and therapeutic relationship.

Even if a client is not suitable for Retreat South, we can help you with suggestions and referrals within our professional network. Accepted candidates will begin their journey just like any other client to Retreat South- with a focus on reflecting, restoring and building resilience. You are welcome to stay abreast of their progress by contacting us at any time.

Please understand that due to the nature of the process, your family member or client’s privacy is respected during treatment.

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