Welcome to the FAQ for Australian wellness retreat and drug & alcohol abuse recovery centre, Retreat South.

We endeavour to answer all your questions in an open and honest way.

What sorts of people do you help at Retreat South?

  • We’ve helped all kinds of Australians and international clients overcome problems with drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, management of chronic illness and invisible conditions, workplace related issues such as dealing with bullying, retrenchment and redundancy and executive stress, recovery from medical health issues and more.
  • We help people who require time to rest, reflect and restore gain control of their lives again. You can discover what some of our previous clients have had to say via our testimonials page.

What makes Retreat South different to other rehabilitation centres?

  • With a focus on individual treatment plans and designing treatment for the entire spectrum of your physical, emotional, intellectual and mental wellbeing, Retreat South has an excellent recovery program.
  • We work with you in quiet surroundings away from triggers and negative influences to restore balance. We focus on creating wellness through looking at psychology, diet and exercise, creative therapies and working on your resilience.
  • Whether you are considering asking for help for the very first time or you have had trouble with successful rehab in the past, Retreat South is here for you.

What kinds of conditions do you treat?

We look after a variety of different conditions and issues, so it is best to make contact and discuss your suitability.

Some of the common issues we help our clients overcome are:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Addiction denial and post rehabilitation recovery
  • Difficulties in pain management
  • Mental health issues
  • Stress related conditions including workplace stress
  • Chronic illnesses and invisible disability management
  • Receiving adequate post-hospital care
  • Detoxification
  • Trauma and learning PTSD management strategies

Take a look at our stress reduction program, addiction recovery, recovering from illness programs and trauma recovery for yourself. And if you have further questions, contact us to find out more.

What are your facilities like?

  • We’re based in the gorgeous country setting of South West Victoria. We overlook greenery and nature in a private setting.
  • Our centre is quiet, well appointed and very comfortable. We have an in-house team who look after your diet and prepare nutritious and tasty meals to your specific dietary requirements. Our recovery programs feature medical and psychological support in tandem with mindfulness, exercise and creative therapies.
  • And we offer pet friendly accommodation should you wish to bring your animal companion along.

I don’t wish to participate in group situations. Is that available?

  • Yes. At Retreat South, we value your need for privacy and treat all our clients with respect and care.
  • Your treatment program is individually, not group, based. There are no group sessions or the requirement to reveal personal aspects of your story to anyone but our trained professional staff. You can use a pseudonym for added privacy and peace of mind.
  • And you can rest easy safe in the knowledge each member of staff has your needs in mind. Making you feel safe and comfortable is our priority.

What makes your program different to the rest?

  • At Retreat South, we approach you as an individual. The challenges you have faced in your life and the ways in which you require help now are not the same as the next person.
  • We take a deep dive into what makes you tick. We examine how your life has come together as a rich tapestry and look for ways to strengthen your resilience and resolve in future. Plus, we treat the physical, emotional, intellectual and mental as a whole picture.
  • This means we also approach your treatment in a variety of ways. From art therapies through to counselling, changes to diet and promoting exercise, using Western medicine in tandem with Eastern practises, we design a program that not only helps you overcome the difficulties of today, but gives you a reliable template for life in the future.

What are your accommodations like?

  • Retreat South has been designed to promote wellbeing, restoration and relaxation. Our decor and interior design features neutral tones and abundant natural light make it feel warm and welcoming.
  • We’re situated in regional Australia for quiet, country style peace. Outside you have use of the 5 acres of sweeping lawns, winding paths, abundant birdlife, native and exotic trees, shrubs and flowers. You can enjoy trees, bird song and the natural beauty as you walk the grounds.
  • Each guest is given a private suite. Each of our suites has its own living areas and ensuite. These rooms are appointed with decorative art and a selection of books for the warm, friendly feeling of a home out of home. And each sports a large LCD TV and DVD player with a good selection of movies. We also provide Wi-Fi for internet connection.
  • Retreat South can also provide you with a fully serviced luxury private residence with your own personal cook and house keeper if required. And we’re pet friendly for the right candidate.

What is your policy on pets?

  • At Retreat South, we recognise how much healing and unconditional love a pet can provide. Their ability to help us through the toughest of times is often what makes our pets so special.
  • Retreat South accepts pets as part of your stay with us. We need prior notice of your intention to bring a pet to ensure we have pet friendly accommodation available. You also need to be in a fit state to make sure their care (such as feeding, cleaning up after toilet trips and general companionship) can be adequately provided. And we can only accept pets that are house broken, vaccinated and up to date with their flea and tick protection.
  • Please call us to discuss your intention to bring your pet prior to your arrival.

Do you support specific dietary requirements?

  • Yes. Included in your stay at Retreat South is a personalised nutritional plan. This is created to meet your individual dietary needs and your personal tastes.
  • We recognise the importance healthy, nutritious and delicious food plays in wellness. That’s why our nutritional manager is passionate about designing a menu with you to help make your stay an enjoyable one. We believe in providing food as medicine just as much as it tempts your palate!
  • Some of our staples include fresh smoothies blended from ripened fruits, nuts, seeds and oils. Our smoothies taste amazing and supply a powerful punch of healthy Omega fats, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to support your healing journey. Cold pressed juices are served throughout the day. And each meal has a generous portion of delicious salads, lean meats, handcrafted dips, pastas and seafood dishes to tempt even the fussiest eater. And all our produce is natural, healthy and sourced fresh from local suppliers.

Do you accept client referrals?

  • We’re always happy to hear from family members or referring physicians and professionals looking out for the needs of the people they care about. That’s why we run a referral program at Retreat South.
  • Like any health retreat, we will need to qualify the details of the referral with the referee and the recipient. To find out more about Retreat South’s referral process, please check out our client referral information and fill in the client referral form. Our clinical director is also available for further discussion and consultation via phone and email.

How can I book a stay at Retreat South?

  • Booking with Retreat South can begin with an email or a phone call. Our helpful, friendly staff will take you through the actual mechanics of your stay. As we tailor each recovery program individually, we will ask you questions about your current situation and your goals for the future. You may need to discuss your situation with our clinical director, especially if you have been referred to us via a third party.
  • From here, we will devise a program to suit your needs and give you a starting date for treatment.

How long will I be required to stay?

  • The programs at Retreat South are designed with you specifically in mind. The time you stay with Retreat South is determined by your situation and your goals. We also take into account your ability to take the time needed out of your usual life and your ability to manage the costs associated with treatment.
  • You will consult with our clinical director and staff to set an optimal timeline and plan based on these factors. You also need to keep in mind that some flexibility will need to be included to cater to changing circumstances just in case.
  • Retreat South aims to give you the most effective, realistic and beneficial programs possible. Our aim is to make the best use of your time with us in order to deal with life now and in the future.
  • Our stays vary from 7 day to 28 days for short stays and extend to 30 day to 90 day stays for people requiring additional care. Extended stays beyond 90 days are available on consultation.

How can I pay for Retreat South services?

  • All services at Retreat South require payment. How much is required comes down to your particular circumstances and your health insurance and/or workplace insurer coverage and the Medicare coverage of certain services.
  • Please check our payment info page to discover how the specifics of payment works.

I need a payment plan or finance in order to pay for your treatment. Is that available?

  • The last thing we want is any of our clients to fail to seek treatment based on financial hardship. That’s why we offer payment plans via Medi Credit for Retreat South services.
  • You can find out more information about how Medi Credit services works via their website.

Still haven’t found the information you are looking for? Head to our contact page and discover the info you need.