Not all Australian mental health retreats and addiction recovery programs are created equal.

Choosing to put your emotional wellbeing and physical health first can be challenging. Asking for help is often an alien concept to many of the people we see at Retreat South. We understand why this may be the case.

There is a misinformation about mental health, addiction, trauma and what it’s like to live with an invisible disability or chronic illness in our society. Retreat South was created to break down the barriers to providing detox & recovery programs and provide a safe haven.

How we approach our recovery programs & detoxification treatments

Treating the symptoms doesn’t alleviate the cause. That’s why Retreat South takes the time to get to know you as an individual and tailor a program to suit you. We work with you across a variety of different and diverse treatment methods. We offer counselling, mindfulness, exercise, diet, art therapy and creative pursuits in tandem.

Each of our techniques is applied to the following core focuses:

Addiction and detoxification

Retreat South’s addiction and detoxification is based on treating the whole body, mind and spirit. We offer short and long stay programs that deal with the underlying causes of your addictions to provide long-lasting detoxification and cycle breaking properties.

Find out more about our approach to addiction and detoxification

Work related stress

More Australians are facing workplace related stress than ever before. With long hours, higher levels of responsibility, workplace bullying and increased job insecurity, many people are struggling to find a true balance between the professional and the personal.

Discover how you can restore work-life balance with Retreat South

Trauma and PTSD

There is more to dealing with a tragic event or a high stress situation than simply getting through it. The lingering effects of childhood abuse, personal tragedy, surviving violent relationships or violent crimes, experiencing war as a soldier or as a refugee can leave scars.

Find out how you can take the first step to recovery from trauma and PTSD now

Chronic illness & invisible disability

Living with an illness long term is draining on our emotional reserves. Even if you are on the road to recovery, dealing with the physical and emotional toll disease and illness has taken on your life needs the right kind of support.

Improve your quality of life through a supportive approach to illness management

Mental health and wellbeing

45% of Australians will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. Recovery from anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges doesn’t have to be a solo journey. At Retreat South, we can help you create a positive approach to mental health recovery.

Uncover the ways you can manage your mental health better with help from Retreat South

Still haven’t found something to suit? We’ve helped with post-hospital care and rehabilitation, helped people on the Autism spectrum, developed strategies to disrupt obsessive compulsive tendencies and more.
Find the help you need at Australian mental health retreat and recovery program specialists, Retreat South today.