Addiction Recovery & Detoxification Programs

Alcohol, substance abuse, of both prescription and illegal drugs, gambling, excessive engagement with pornography and/or sex – all sorts of addictions can take a toll on our lives. The road to addiction recovery and detoxification may seem intimidating, but help is available.

At Retreat South, we focus on the entire addiction cycle. We look after your physical, psychological and emotional welfare. And we work on strategies to empower you when dealing with situations that trigger risk taking and addiction related behaviours. We assess the underlying issues that may cause problems including diet, self worth and learned behaviours.

And we seek to lay down positive strategies when stressed and/or tempted to see you through. Looking after all of you gives our compassionate and caring team the ability to help you grow much needed resilience. Our aim is to give you the advice, support and practical assistance to foster a healthier approach to life and relationships that help you make lasting change.

At Retreat South, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Absolute privacy and anonymity
  • Excellence in treatment
  • Practical strategies for managing your addictions
  • Qualified, caring and ethical professional therapists
  • Individually designed treatment programs customised to your needs ethical professional therapists
  • A results-orientated, effective real world approach to recovery
  • 24 hour nursing staff for detoxification and medical support as required
  • Relaxation and stress relief through creativity, exercise and meditation
  • First class accommodation
  • Beautiful, peaceful and natural surroundings

Retreat South is a safe harbour

We work with you without judgement to recover from your addictions. We have a proven track record in working with addiction and its causes and consequences.

Our processes involve not just simply treating the physical allure and symptoms of addiction. We also work with your to uncover and disrupt negative behaviour patterns, self sabotage and to develop positive strategies to rekindle relationships with yourself and your loved ones.

At Retreat South our aim is to focus on wellness. It’s about restoring faith, self confidence and autonomy. No matter the challenge you face in the future, you can move forward. We help you to identify and eliminate the kinds of thoughts that have kept you down.

Using a mix of psychological treatments and creative and physical therapies, Retreat South’s trained team of professionals can help you move away from addictive behaviours, past detoxification and into a positive and pro-active way of life.

Want to break the cycle of addiction? Come to an addiction retreat and detoxification program that goes beyond withdrawal to real, practical support.