Holistic Mental Health & Rehabilitation Retreat

The Retreat South Difference – Why Choose Retreat South

With the large variety of mental health, detox and stress relief programs available in Australia today, it can be difficult to work out which program is right for you.

At Retreat South, some of our greatest success stories are people who have tried other programs, and struggled to find lasting help. We have had great success in helping people suffering from life-long addiction, severe trauma and a variety of physical, emotional and mental illnesses.

Individualised, Holistic Approach To Treatment

Here are just some of the reasons why Retreat South provides lasting rehabilitation:

A tailored approach to treatment

What makes you is a tapestry. Your history, stressors, levels of resilience, lifestyle, and life events are different to the next person. We recognise and respect your individual challenges and strengths. And that’s why we tailor a treatment program to suit.

Treatment excellence

All our treatments are based on tried and tested, evidence based methodologies and practises. Each of the members of Retreat South’s staff are qualified and committed to wellness. We also choose our staff for their generosity of spirit and compassion. We invest our expertise and our caring into your journey so you have the best possible opportunities available.

We’re in it for the long haul

From situations and traumas that have left an impact in the past to the support circles you’ll need in the future, Retreat South is there for you. The time you spend with us promotes reflection, renewal and reinvigoration in your life. You leave us with the better understanding of how to manage the pain and stress of the past. We help you to take ownership of your present. And give you motivation and a support network to assist you into the future.

A home away from home

At Retreat South, making you as comfortable and welcome as possible is our goal. Our personal chefs provide delicious, nutritious meals to your dietary requirements. Your private suite is beautifully decorated with art and soft furnishings to make you feel at home and relaxed. And the picturesque surroundings allow you to soak up nature and bird song away from stressors and negative influences.

Discretion and privacy assured

Creating an environment where you feel safe and secure is the cornerstone of good treatment. It’s also an area where Retreat South excels. All our treatments, sessions and classes are individually, not group, based. You can use an assumed name. Each of our staff is committed to your confidentiality and privacy. Recover safe in the knowledge your privacy is respected.

A selection of therapy options

Retreat South is committed to finding the best treatment options for you. In addition to medicine and psychology based treatments, we offer a wide range of supporting practises. These include (but are not limited to) massage therapy, creative arts and equine therapy, autogenic self relaxation therapies, mindfulness through yoga and meditation, exercise and diet, personal fitness training and hypnotherapy.

Pet friendly stays available

Guests to Retreat South are welcome to bring comfort companion animals and family pets as part of your stay with us. We understand the important role pets and companion animals play in stress reduction and recovery. Simply notify us that you wish to bring your well behaved, vaccinated pet before your arrival. During your stay, we ask all pets are up to date with their flea & tick prevention, come with their own bed and bedding, and stay off the furniture.
Please note: Your pet’s care will be your responsibility during your stay.


Discover Retreat South for yourself

From stress and trauma through to addiction, Retreat South is a compassionate, positive and recovery-focused mental health retreat and rehabilitation centre.
Call us today and discuss how our treatment can make the world of difference in your life.

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